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Nicholas Westbrook 

Za'atar taste with pita just zooms the olive oil out the door.  What a heavenly combo (NOT surprising--it all comes from the Holy Land!)

Wedding Favor

Susan Shamieh "The Bride"

The wedding was great. The favors were a hit. Thanks for a great product.



Ruth Daniels

A few weeks ago, I got a very special gift, a bottle of the most exquisite organic extra virgin olive oil from the ancient olive trees of Palestine. 


I really couldn't get a photo that does the bottle or the oil justice, but you can see how golden and yet tinged with a hint of green the oil is.  And the taste, frankly, I can't find the words to describe how delicious it is, earthy and rich are two adjectives that come to mind. The aroma, texture and taste are truly sensual.


This is a special olive oil... one that would be fantastic with a splash of good balsamic and some fresh, crusty baguettes.   I was going to make a simple salad that I would normally add a sherry vinegar or apple cider vinegar dressing, but this time I let the oil dictate the dressing.  I wanted nothing to overshadow it … Now I think I'm off to buy another baguette to do some dipping.


Nicholas Westbrook 


I received a box of elegant product presentations. Looks wonderful, Just gorgeous!

We've been pushing hard to get people to think about taking a bottle of your olive oil as a "hostess present," rather than a bottle of wine.  Your bag will surely clinch the argument for people!


Amal Karzai 

I have been buying your excellent products for years and recently caught sight of your 500 ml tin of extra virgin olive oil. You ought to know that this is the best design label I've ever seen. I'm hoping that you enter it into several design competitions because it's all together clever and elegant, and gorgeous.



Rula Anas

I was shopping groceries the other day at an Arabic store, was looking for Za3tar so when I reached out to that shelf, I saw one of the brand names sitting there called AL ARD so I asked myself could it be?!I knew that Anabtawi had that trade mark so on the back of package there it was Anabtawi group.

What a nice feeling it was, being proud of you guys, supporting you, buying the package and on top of that comes the most important thing ,,you filled my desire in wanting to have the real taste of our own Palestinian land za3tar,,Anan my husband is working on finishing the whole package soon Mashala, his excuse is the smell is hard to resist, I agree with him not only ingredient is tasty but also I did love the package, it is easy to open and to reseal ,maintaining the freshness and avoiding the mess plus it is an inviting warm color packaging with high end quality and presentation including full description of where it comes from and benefits..

Last but not least I was very happy that I was paying for something that will support Palestinian work force, eventually taking care of their families.



Reem Khalaf

 I always ignored cooking Mfatoul because it needs to spend a lot of hours in the kitchen to make the Maftoul crops and cooking it,

But when I found Al'ard packed Maftoul, which makes cooking Maftoul easer, I'm ready to cook Maftoul every Friday not every year.  



 Fabio Di Matteo

I’ve already tested and it’s delicious- on a small piece of bread with some tomatoes and cheese




Ghanim Jarrar

As a matter of fact away from the business side  I’m very proud that you get that excellent level of Palestinian products in the markets   .  keep on the good work and god bless you. 



Yahya Radwan

Mohsen - I honestly cannot thank you enough for coming through and helping me out.  One of the most complimented items of the night (and what people are still talking about) was the olive oil idea and honestly, it couldn't have been possible without you!  We paired it with some zaatar and people were going nuts over it.  We have family and friends overseas that even asked us to send them some!  It was a huge hit and everyone loved it. We gave everyone your name/website and how your help was exceptional. I received the professional photos today and I am so glad I can share them with you!


Thank you so much!