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Chairman's Message

Mr. Ziad Anabtawi        Chairman

Al'Ard Palestinian Agri-products Ltd. has emerged to be the social and ethical investment of Anabtawi Group for Investment and Development; In order to provide and to have a positive impact in the rise of the Palestinian national economy.

Our main goal of the establishment of Al'Ard was to empower and to provide support to the Palestinian farmer, enabling him to commit to his land and to produce better quality product from the great type of trees they already have.

What we care for is to provide farmers with the means they lack which are needed to access the international markets. As Anabtawi Group has had a very long run with multinational companies for the last 50 years, we know the standards and the needs of the global market. And we aim to support the Palestinian farmers to be able to produce in the international standards without compromising the ancient practices which are at core of the Palestinian heritage and culture.

We are driven by our sense of social accountability and armed with our 50 years experience of dealing with multinational companies hoping that this will be enough along with an unfaltering power of will and determination to successfully break through and manage to bring about our premium Palestinian agricultural products to the world to enjoy and indulge in. It is a highly competitive market and the challenge is not an easy one, making the success even a more satisfying one.

The fine earth which nurtures our crops, the care and love offered by the farmers, our unmatched attention to detail and uncompromised commitment to excellence and perfection; all this combined allows us to offer you the source of our pride, embodied in this fine basket of premium Palestinian agri-products which we put in your hands.

Ziad S. Anabtawi