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Palestinian Quality Certificate
Quality certification is granted by the Palestinian Standards Institute PSI, and the institution checks on the system and procedures applied within the company and to ensure that the quality of products , and includes a quality system that is checking it on the following topics :

1 . Production systems , maintenance and storage.
2 . Product description file processes productivity.
3 . Quality systems and testing calibration measurement tools .
4 . Procurement systems and the evaluation and selection of suppliers.
5 . Systems sales.
6 . Systems of recruitment and staff training and development and raising abilities.      


PSI requires for the company to include particular technical specifications for the products it, to fulfills the legal requirements , PSI conducts periodical tests every 3 months on the company's products to verify compliance with the specifications and standards adopted by the institution.

Hence, we can say that PSI is evidence of the quality of products in addition to the quality system that ensures the achievement of the quality of products and customers requirements , it is worth mentioning that the quality is a set of qualities and characteristics necessary to be met in the product which meets the requirements or functional specifications as defined by the customer.