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Al'Ard CSR

Corporate Community Investment

Al’Ard Palestinian Agri-Products is the social investment of Anabtawi Group. Having such a venture, invested in the agricultural sector emerged from the need of the farmer’s community to such support as Al’Ard is offering. We encourage farmers to produce high quality products, and support them technically, financially and morally, upholding them to their lands.


Social Responsibility

Here at Al’ard our responsibility was not limited to the agricultural community, we recognized a social responsibility and so we reached out to local communities as well to the Palestinian society in general. We have focused on providing financial support to families in need as well as funding collage students in order to shape their lives for the better.


Social Accountability

In order to create a comprehensive system characterized by compliance with laws and justice, we focus on applying the system of the SA800 international standard. We are committed to applying its systems and practices, such as the fallowing

    1. Applying procedures to stop Child Labor.

    2. Adopting policies to fight Forced and Compulsory Labor.

    3. Creating a healthy and a safe environment.

    4. Working hours and wages according to local and international laws.

    5. Fighting all kinds of discrimination.

    6. Freedom of Association & Right To Collective Bargaining.

    7. Taking in consideration the human rights law for Disciplinary Practices.

    8. Managerial system to ensure the efficiency of social accountability applied procedures.