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Al'Ard Reaching Out Program

Al’Ard Reaching Out is a program based on the social responsibility and accountability standards of Al’Ard. The aim of this program was through our belief that together, with our agricultural communities, we can make a difference.

We work on facilitating the knowledge as well as the financial support needed to enhance the abilities that will allow, the agricultural and local community, to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

We are mainly devoted on helping farmers to enhance and modernize their farming practices, aiming on the production of high quality agricultural products, especially those in the Olive Oil sector. 

Aid to farmers can be in many forms, such as:

  • Providing college funding for farmers’ children
  • Direct financial support to the farmers themselves
  • Providing farmers with picking tools and storage facilities needed
  • Rehabilitating land & Planting trees 

Providing farmers with the necessary capacity building will not only help them take care of their land, but rather pass down this knowledge and experience to the next generation and make a difference in their lives. Through our program we believe, by applying the domino effect, that we can build a stronger and more empowered communities.