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Why Buy Palestinian?

  • To buy Palestinian food is simply because it is delicious and the finest quality. Our Olive Oil is globally renowned for its premium extra virgin Ui Mel a oracle Ca ema Ce melee ae Race eRe Ce uml: een ace acre Rema ote We have a short Olive season here in Palestine, so the fruit is picked at its prime before it over-ripens and becomes too acidic, making it amongst the best in the world. Our traditional Freekah is also unique to our plains and traditional field-based roasting methods and our fragrant zataar and sage ranges are grown wild in our rocky hills making it natural, delicious, healthy and only found here.
  • To buy Palestinian is to support these small artisanal farmers and producers who rely on their small patches of land to support their families and maintain their way of life.
  • By buying Palestinian food, you are helping us preserve our much loved culture of food and identity, which is slowly being eroded in the current free political situation
  • By buying our Palestinian products you are supporting ethical and ecological farming practices in Palestine championed by Al Ard and our newly established Alliance. We combine long-help traditional local knowledge with up-to-date scientific expertise to preserve and enhance the environment and natural systems which lead to better sustainability and better livelihoods for farmers.

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