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Black seed

Black seed

Palestinian Black Seed Oil

Al’Ard cold pressed Black Seed Oil is a natural oil extracted from the same Nigella sativa flowering plant and is traditionally known in the Muslim communities as “The Seed of Blessing”.  It is considered as one of the healthiest oils, boosting the immune system, and helping you stay healthy.  Many use the oil as a rubbing agent to treat several skin and muscle related conditions such as skin burns and muscle cramps.  


Weight: 100 ml.

Black Seed Paste Blend (Qizha)

Is a blend of black cumin seed paste and sesame seed paste (tahina).  It is a flavorful food additive that has many health benefits.  

It is commonly used in the Middle East and Africa as a sweet dip when mixed with honey, syrup, or sugar.  It could also be added to the cake batter to give it a wonderful flavor (Qizha Brownies).


Weight: 500 g.

Black Seed Paste Blend with ANISE

 Palestinian Black seed Paste Blend (Qizha) With ANISE,a blend of black cumin seed paste & sesame seed paste (TahinI) and ANISE. Is flavour food additive that has many health benefits


Weight: 500 g.


Black Seed

Black cumin (Nigella sativa) belongs to a flowering plant that has been known since ancient times for its many benefits and uses.  It can be used by chewing the seeds, adding it to bakeries, on cheeses, and other food.  It offers unique flavors and a very strong aroma. It has a wide flavor profile that is peppery yet a little sweet, bitter, smoky, and nutty.



Weight: 100 g.

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