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Crushed Green Freekeh from Palestine

Freekah is wheat harvested early while it  is still green. Freekah is flame roasted according to authentic traditions to give it a smoky delicious flavor. It is then rubbed, dried and crushed. Freekeh is a common staple in Palestinian cuisine. It is also a healthy and delicious rice substitute.


Weight: 250 g , 500 g , 700 g , 25 kg


Maftoul (Couscous) from Palestine / Brown & White

Maftoul is a real labor of love. If you ask any Palestinian, they will most likely be able to share memories of their grandmother making maftoul at home. Al’Ard works with a women’s cooperative near Hebron where the women make maftoul just like their grandmothers.  They use wheat bulgur, flour and water to work together small balls through ever smaller sieves until the maftoul is ready to be steamed and dried.  


Weight: 450 g , 700 g , 25 kg.

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